Marvel Comics Totally Primeval, Torchwood, and Other Comics – including Warhammer and Hook Jaw.

Marvel Comics

Covers for Spiderman and X-Men

Pencils for Spiderman and the New Avengers



Name Jetsam
Details Written and drawn by me, originally published in Torchwood Magazine, and collected as part of the Rift War graphic novel, from Titan Publishing



Totally Primeval

Name Eye Strain
Details  Two 4 page strips for a one-shot magazine to publicise the new series when it returned after a break
Client Titan Magazines
Writer Rik Hoskin

Other Comics

Warhammer, Torchwood, Hook Jaw, Batman, Doctor Who and more

The Revelation & Warhammer

Warhammer 40,000 

Details cover

Client Titan Comics

The Revelation

Details Cover

Client Kingstone Media


Details Torchwood covers

Client Titan comics

Hook Jaw

Details Hook Jaw Covers

Client Titan Comics


T-shirt Design

Batman , Thunder Agents: Dynamo

Details Style samples

Batman I think often looks better in black and white for that gritty film noir look

Dynamo is a homage to Wally Wood’s Thunder Agents – I was trying to get something of that old school look without just ripping off the classic stuff.

Doctor Who

Details A double page spread from a 12th Doctor story where he and Clara try to stop an alien invasion in 1960’s style Las Vegas