Organ brothers

Vol. 1: Pilot
Details When a valuable organ is stolen from under their noses, the cyborg duo find themselves on the run with a feisty alien (Val) and a reluctant boxing champion (Bojangles)
addicted to a drug that’s like a high-octane PCP called Z. Will they find the organ in question?

Client Ben Sainsbury
Date Digital release April 2021


Hook Jaw

Alternate cover for Titans Hook jaw 
Details Created in the style of the original violent 80’s weekly comic
Client Titan Comics


Extract from Titan comics press release See full article

‘Following up on our previous post featuring the covers of the first issue of Titan Comics Hook Jawp roject, we have this exclusive for you – Brian Williamson‘s stunning retro-styled Diamond Comics UK variant, complete with Action comic-styled masthead!

Launching this December the five issue mini-series, published under license, is written by Si Spurrier (Cry Havoc, Weavers, Doctor Who, Numbercruncher) and illustrated by long-established independent comics talent Conor Boyle, with colours by Giulia Brusco and edited by legendary British comics editor and marine life expert artist, Steve White.

A classic scene from the original "Hook Jaw" strip in Action. Art by Ramon Sola

A classic scene from the original “Hook Jaw” strip in Action. Art by Ramon Sola