Advertising & Storyboards

I’m a London based  professional artist specialising in Storyboards, Advertising, Product Design and Comics.

Clients include Marvel, Nissan, Sky TV, BBCTV, Aardman, Saatchi, Hasbro, Warner Brothers

Comics as Advertising

Comic strips can be used to present new products , or ones which have an existing backstory. Strips tell a story, which captures the mood the client wants to convey, while getting their information across.

Stan Lee’s Lucky Man

This comic was commissioned by SkyTV as the prize in a competition to promote the TV series, starring James Nesbitt. Entrants had to submit their “luckiest moment” and it would be drawn by me, and signed by Stan Lee, legendary figurehead of Marvel Comics.

Story/Script/Art by Brian Williamson

Organ Bros

Comic to advertising the web series

Nissan car advert

Comic strip campaign

Arrow video channel

Direct mail comic strip

Product design

Labels and  packaging.  Recent clients include Karken Rum, Apothercary Mead and Bruichladdich Whisky

The legend of the Kraken Black - Spiced Rum

Promotion for a new brand
The brief was to create a story of a Kraken sinking a ship and the one barrel that survived becoming the black, spiced rum.
I created the script and characters in conjunction with This is cow

Client Kraken Rum
Date  2023

Bruichladdich - Classic Laddie Whisky

A rare opportunity to research in the field, when I was invited to the Bruichladdich Distillery, on the Isle of Islay, to tour the facilities.
They wanted a novel way to highlight their values – purity of ingredients, openness as to their sources, and the traditional methods used in producing their signature single malt whisky, The Classic Laddie, and decided on a comic book format as a way of highlighting this in an, I hope, entertaining way.

Adam Hannet, the chief distiller, was a good sport about being turned into a time-travelling action hero, and several other actual people from the Bruichladdich distillery also make an appearance in the strip. With advertising work it’s sometimes necessary to… stretch the truth a tad, but everyone I met there really believed in what they were doing, and I had a great time on the island. The free samples didn’t hurt either.

Client Bruichladdich Distillery
Date  2021

Templar Mead

New bottle label illustration for Apothecary Mead, based, appropriately, in Nottinghamshire.


Storyboards created for advertising, film and TV